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Women have this great ability to bring life into the world, but there isn’t a guide for how this exactly should go.

From two weeks pregnant to nine months after the baby has arrived, moms’ bodies and lives are constantly evolving. Aside from the black hole of a Google search and the endless books in a library, where can moms go to have a community of their own where it’s just about them? 


The Nest. A haven for moms. That’s where.

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Conceptual Thinking and Strategy  |  Spatial Design and Research  |  App Concept and Design  |  Programming Content


There isn’t one type of mom. 


That’s not the problem, that’s the beauty. Every woman and their transition into this stage of life is uniquely their own; however, often what comes with this is a sense of isolation and lack of community. Attention becomes more focused on the baby and less on the woman carrying it. While life is being formed inside, life for the mom on the outside is changing rapidly.

The Setup

When I was in my own head feeling overwhelmed about what was coming and feeling like I couldn’t talk about it, I felt alone. Just realizing everything was about to change and being scared, and towards the end realizing I was actually going to have to give birth started to get scary.

— Jhene, 36  Momma after Miscarriage

Overwhelmed by decisions. What carseat to get? When to start saving for college? What do you name the baby? When to tour childcare centers? Will I be able to breastfeed? Will my family be financially stable if I reduce my working hours? It's a lot of pressure to make the right decisions and sometimes I feel like I am making them alone. I'm afraid that I'll make a bad decision.

— Thandie, 30 New Momma

I went to all of my doctors appointments alone except one. Those were kinda lonely. Half way through is when their dad and I stopped talking, my parents weren’t quite open to talking about it, and none of my friends had experienced it. So I kinda just lived my normal life as if I wasn’t pregnant, but obviously was, and then had them. 

— Kari, 28 Solo Momma of Twins



Take a trusted brand like Pampers who has always been focused on babies and expand their focus to moms while also developing their influence beyond products.


The Nest by Pampers will alleviate the isolation of motherhood by creating a physical and digital community that is rooted in learning, wellness and engagement.

The Nest by Pampers comes into its own by offering specialty classes, a Pampers product shop, quiet and common areas, a café, a child care center and nursery. Moms are able to fully engage in a variety of classes and connect with others while also having the option of child care to alleviate any stress of separation.



Every mom in every stage of their early motherhood.



"Twice the work, but also twice the love."



"So what do I do now with this tiny human?"

triple momma.png


"Three bottles. Three cribs. Three tuitions."


The Nest by Pampers will exist in cities where there is an emergence or existence of new and younger families.

For every city it exists in, The Nest will adopt the qualities of the community from visual design by commissioning

local artists to community awareness by catering classes to fulfill those needs. 

It will initially launch in Atlanta, GA to serve the moms living in the hustle and bustle of downtown Decatur.

The Reveal

The Nest is inspired by the trend of branded hospitality.

By extending Pampers beyond its products and expanding on its latest initiatives that are more mom-centric, an experience is created that fully immerses moms into the brand’s values while

creating both a unique and desired community.

the nest in atlanta.jpg
pampers render4.png


While creating The Nest, we aimed to foster a safe space that is inviting and comfortable.


By separating the space into two floors, we acknowledge the duality of motherhood meaning there are always highs and lows. The first floor is a more active and communal area while the second floor serves as more of a quiet and focused reflection area.

pampers render11.png
Floor 1_Front Desk-07.png

The front desk is the point of entry for moms into The Nest. Patrons will check-in to their classes by scanning their membership key tag or their personal QR code on The Nest app.

pampers render13.png
Floor 1_Store+Cafe-07.png

The product shop is featured at the entrance that will include Pampers products, P&G products as well as featured products from speakers, instructors or local businesses in the community.


The café is managed by a barista that offers a selection of coffees, juices and smoothies for purchase.

pampers render16.png
Floor 1_Communal Area-07.png

The communal area is where moms can connect, wait for their classes to begin and can participate in the community and conversation panels which are led by The Nest members, some topics including: Life After Miscarriage, Prenatal Anxiety and Stress,

Mom Guilt and a Choosing Your OB/GYN Panel. Community and conversation panels are open to the public.


A digital calendar is also housed in this area to allow guests to interact with the screen to see the full list of events available for the specific week.

pampers render15.png
Floor 1_Active Rooms-07.png

Three active rooms are dedicated for movement-based classes to provide moms with options during their pregnancy and postpartum, some including: Hypnobirthing, H.I.I.T. Momma, Lamaze and

Stroller Barre.

pampers render18.png
Floor 1_Child Care Center-07.png

A free, quality child care and nursery center is provided in The Nest for moms to utilize when they are in the space.

The Nest acknowledges the stress that moms might experience when finding or trusting babysitters or the anxiety of being away from their child.

pampers render3.png
Floor 2_Library-07.png

The library and quiet area exists on the second floor of The Nest. Here, moms are able to dive into the curated collection of books to further focus and learn about topics surrounding motherhood.

pampers render6.png
Floor 2_Quiet Rooms-07.png

Three designated quiet rooms are provided to give moms a space

to unwind, telework or have private conversations.

pampers renders7 copy.png
Floor 2_Classrooms-07.png

Three classrooms are dedicated to the educational sessions led by leaders and experts within the community. These sessions are limited to smaller groups to maintain a comfortable and intimate experience.


Some classes include:

Baby Whisperer: Sleep Schedule for Newborns,

Talk to Me, Baby: Baby Sign Language,

Maternal Mortality and

What Should I Be Eating While Pregnant?

pampers render5.png
Floor 1_Breastfeeding Room-07.png
Floor 2_Breastfeeding Room-07.png

While all of The Nest is a space to freely breastfeed, there are two designated rooms that offer a private and relaxing space for moms to pump their milk and nurse their baby.

iphone mockup.png


In addition to the physical space, The Nest by Pampers offers a digital community for moms to access through The Nest app.

Schedule Screen.png
Profile Screen.png
Discussion Screen.png
Resource Screen.png

Members are able to access the full schedule of classes and reserve a spot in the active, education and community categories at their convenience.

Members are able to track their upcoming and past classes, as well as manage their payment information for their selected class package. 


In addition to their physical key tag, members also have their own

QR code that can be scanned for check-in at the front desk.

As an additional element of engagement between members, a discussion section is included on the app for moms to have an interactive forum where they can post their own questions and comment on other's questions. 

To alleviate many of the unknowns that come with being a mom,

the app includes a medical resource page that is curated based on one’s current location to support in times of need.


Active and education classes comprise the selection for these class packages. These classes are led by experts and local instructors. Community classes are free and open to all members. These classes are conversation-based and act as an active support group led by members of The Nest.

Compressed Final Calendar.png

First specialty class free

Drop in rate $30

5 Class Package $120   

10 Class Package $200 

20 Class Package $360

The Nest offers various class packages in lieu of a monthly membership model to ensure freedom and flexibility. A sliding scale based on income is also offered to ensure that all moms are being served.



This is the basic employee program outlined that can be further tailored to meet the needs of the location and its community.


Each location will hire a program director to organize events around the specific needs of the community.

Front Desk +

Product Shop

Friendly faces will greet and assist members as they enter the space along with any purchases they want to make.

Child Care Center

Child care is available to offer a safe space for children to play while at The Nest.


Members are able to order from a selection of drinks from trained baristas.


In Residence

A licensed counselor is available to members by appointment only to provide guidance or address any concerns.

The Why


Kelsey Cowan, Experience Designer

Jenny Ritter, Art Director

Halle Sinnot, Creative Brand Manager

Emily Thomas, Creative Brand Manager

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