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Affectionately known as Barb.

Frequently known as Barbie.

I love a challenge because it gives me something to figure out.

There is always a way to push the envelope and I believe that to be immersion. I can’t stop at the concept. I am fulfilled once I see humans doing their uniquely human things in a space whether digital or physical that fosters expression and empathy.


When you look at my work, I don’t want you to stop at the word creative. I want you to experience me. The strategy and vibrancy of every detail is crafted to take you on a journey. And most importantly, my style and perspective acts as a guiding hand in seeing you until the very end.


When you go even deeper, I am an athleisure queen who finds joy in her nails and evergrowing meme collection. I regularly quote

The Office and Megan Thee Stallion (range!). I love to talk about improving the lives of others. And, I have found myself storytelling from behind the camera, not once, but twice.

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